A Little Bit of My Story

This is part of a story I’m working on in my Google Docs, it’s quite informational… 

Miss  O. Duchje,
We regret to inform you that Marc E Duchje WK456861 of 4th Battn. British Royal Air Force. is missing in action and presumed dead..

Five letters arrived in the mailbox five days ago on New Year’s Day, 1942.  The day President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, Maxim Litvinov, of the USSR (Union of Soviet Republics, which were made up with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan), and T. V. Soong, of China signed the Declaration by United Nations.  One letter for each of the family.  And they all said the same thing.

Dear Mrs  N. Duchje,
Dear Mr J. Duchje,
Dear Miss B. Duchje,
Dear Miss N. Duchje,

Opal swore to herself that nobody else cared as much as they should.  Her eyes had been red and puffy for five days. She crumpled the tear-stained letter in her fist.  And her tearful face transformed into a look of anger.  Who were they to say he was  gone without looking for him?  Somebody had to, and she realised that she was the only person who was even slightly willing.

Under a pohutukawa tree on the outskirts of a small forest Opal and her brother Marc had buried something.  Something up until now she’d tried to forget about for two years.  But this was World War II, and she had to get her brother back.  The Germans were advancing to Britain and Russia, America had only just joined the war, so going into occupied France, (presumably the place Marc was last seen) was going to be dangerous.  But it had to be done.


After her mother beating her with a frozen fish, (long story) she set off to join the British Royal Navy.

My Coat of Arms

We did a Coat of Arms. By we, I mean the whole class. I am going to show you mine. I made sure it was bright and colourful and fun to look at. Here is my work:



In the top left is a collage of most of my favourite things.

In the top right is a picture of my family, represented by stick figures doing their hobbies.

In the bottom right is a picture of my favourite place, Lonely Bay.

In the bottom left is a whole lot of my learning sources.

The orangey section is my name and three things about me, artistic, shy, and explorer.

And last of all, the section beneath my family is another collage, but with things to  represent my memorries.


That is my Coat of Arms. I hope you like it.

My Word of the Week; Erinaceous

My word has a very amusing meaning…. and a surprising one too. If I said to you, “You are looking very erinaceous today,” with a little acknowledging smile… Would you be flattered? Or would you be suspicious? Erinaceous is a very innocent sounding word.

I’m pretty sure this is a porcupine…… I don’t know.


My sentence:

“Why, cute porcupine guy, you’re very erinaceous!”

Meaning of erinaceous: Looking like, or resembling a hedgehog.






I must say, erinaceous is the most surprising english word that I have ever come across! Along with salopettes, because I actually have a pair! (Salopettes are skiing pants that are very high at your waist, with shoulder straps!)


Image: ‘Cute Porcupine Guy
Found on flickrcc.net


‘GONE’ Book Review

There is this one book that I believe is so amazing, you’d have to hear a bit about it. It’s name, is GONE.

This book switches between characters for each chapter, but a fourteen year old boy called Sam is the main.

The chaos starts when Sam is in the classroom. The teacher  disappears. One second he’s there, the next, he’s not. Poof, he’s Gone. Everybody the age of 15 and over disappears. A huge impenetrable grey dome just, comes into place around the kids of the town Perdido Beach. A whole small world with no adults to keep the order, a limited food supply, and some children are mutating to have deadly powers, unheard of  powers… And when they develop a need to rule, and are prepared to kill to fulfill the need, there’s only a few kids with matching powers to theirs….

GONE  is a great book, an amazing thriller. There are surprising twists, heaps of detail, and you can really picture everything the happens. There are many things the characters do and think that I, being a kid myself, can really relate to, which is great.

Overall, I recommend this book (and the rest of the series, HUNGER, LIES, PLAGUE,  and  FEAR)  to both girls and boys, action lovers, and also most of my class.



My Calender!

All the animal things in my calender are fabrications from the book Leviathan. The bats in the top left are Flechette Bats. They eat figs with metal spikes inside, and drop them on the targets. In the top right is the Leviathan. A huge airship made of hundreds of different animals. Hanging below Leviathan are two Huxleys, which are hydrogen breathers. People sit in harnesses bellow the Huxley, and it works like a hot-air balloon.  Lastly, the two birds are Strafing Hawks, the nets below them are razor sharp nets with fabricated crystal rims. The nets are used to chop through airplanes.

The book Leviathan is set in world war one, with almost the same war. But the British, French, and the Russians all fabricate their animals to use as weapons. The Austrian-Hungarians and the  Germans use machines…. You may not quite understand my calender, unless you read the books, (which you should!) but I love Leviathan, and I thought it would be fun to try and draw those fabrications!

Sometimes You Can’t Resist!

Pushing through the corridor, getting bumped and battered, he stalked. Like a alligator waiting to pounce, Mr Van-Puten made his way slowly to his office. Being a principal requires an abundance of thinking. Mr V-P didn’t mind thinking though. He stopped to flick an older pupil teasing a thirteen year old. All you needed to think was a silent homely office, and a picture of your mother, well, the only one she allows you to use. The photo from when she was thirty-seven.

Reaching his office door, about to leave the terrible school blue and orange wood corridors, Mr V-P inserted his key. He twisted it, and heard the the familiar click. But when he pushed on the door, it didn’t budge. He pulled. Nothing. A few kids glanced over and made little snickers. He gave them a harsh look, which always works. replaced the key in the lock again, and twisted. The door slowly swung open…

Mr Van-Puten’s face turned molten red. He had locked the door before, because it was already open! That’s one downer about a school with lots of paper clips, and the older students, who know how to use them. Dingle-ingle-linga-ling! The students filed from the hall into their allocated classrooms. He wondered how they did it. From all that chaos to silence, they turn… almost, obedient. Staring at his toilet papered office, Mr Van-Puten embraced his icy, deadly, calm. Without the reliable, typical type of student, being a principal wouldn’t be too hard…

Already edgy about the flick he had just received, Mike hoped that Mr Van-Puten didn’t accuse him of the major crime he had committed in his office. Mike had to admit though, it was pretty fun…

That Tuesday, Mike found himself headed to Mr Van-Puten’s office. Yippee. As he idled in, his eyes met Mr V-P’s icy stare. This man knew he did it. Mike knew he knew. Anybody could tell that. But what nobody could ever tell is what Mr V-P would do…

“Sometimes I can’t resist,” Mike squeaked.

To be continued…!




In this story I have kind of tried tooo…. Get a sort of creepy atmosphere…. I don’t know what word to use, maybe in the comments you could suggest one. Here it is!

Crouched in the sewers, I shivered. Every now and then a rat scurried past, and oblivious to where my hand had gone lately, I had to jam my fist in my mouth to silence my screams.

I crawled further through the pipeline, deeper into the soggy, drippy, foul labyrinth. Another rat ran by. My fist returned to my mouth.

I thought I had lost them… I knew I was not safe, in the sewers… But I thought they were… gone.

The pipe was getting slimmer, but I was determined. I shimmied on. Bang. A dead end, immediately my EXTREME terror caved in on my mind. This was the last straw. I panicked, I was LOUD. I screamed, scrambled…. ANYTHING to get out!

I thought I heard a slight gurgle through my fear. I could not turn around, the pipe was too skinny for that… I twisted my neck, straining it to view behind me. There, on the very edge of my tiny bit of vision, past my streaking tears, were the unmistakable blazing red eyes… Their snarls echoing through the pipe, I flinched.

This was the end… Trapped in a pipe… My claustrophobia closing in….. My last frantic seconds ticking by…..

They lunge.

I hope I will get some word suggestions…. I really am blank.




I Wish I Could Vanish…


Franks head whacked the roof of the car, again. “Mum,” he complained, “slow down on the judder bars!”

“Sorry darling!”

Frank was on his way to school. Summer school. Frank thought it was such a waste of time, and he was sure the only reason the whole class was there was because Ms. Levesque had a way against kids. He had no idea of the adventures that awaited him…


                                     Chapter 1

                                                                                      Life could not get worse

“Meeeeeeeeegehiglyoe!” Frank screeched. He had just stubbed he toe on the leg of his desk, nail first, the pain was unbearable! Chairs scraping the floor and paper rustling were the only noises the silent class made as they turned to face Frank.


Frank felt his cheeks go cherry red. Tears welled in his deep sea-green eyes, making his eyelashes look long and dark. He was sure his golden brown hair grew long to suit the rest of his face. Tears made their way down his nose, dripping off the ski-jump like tip. It was bad enough without looking like a girl!


                                    Chapter 2

                                                                                             Down like a rock

Frank could not stand all the staring eyes, it was too much for him. He wished he could vanish… to sink into the earth and never be seen again. Instantly he began to descend. It felt like a million tiny hands of earth were grabbing at his ankles crumbling away and reforming as they hauled him down… down… down… Frank fainted.


                                 Chapter 3

                                                                                 A strange new world

Franks eyes snapped open. Wrong move. tiny chips of glass fell down into his eyes from above him as odd people-like things jumped on the glass ceiling above him, surprised at the sight of him alive. A second floor, he figured. He leapt up and felt the clay walls of his cell with his hands. Wait… Franks heart jumped with terror, HE WAS IN JAIL, in a world he didn’t know and strange people-aliens he couldn’t understand!


Frank ran over to the bars of the cell, looking out with bewilderment. It was a whole city in a cavern so big he couldn’t see the walls at the other side. It was obviously under the world he knew so well. He had to get out of here. Fast.


“Ah!” A whole clump of apple baby food fell smack-bang on Franks head. By looking up Frank could see how they got it to him. In the glass ceiling above he could just make out little slits in the glass forming a square, with hinges on one side and a glass handle on the other. A trapdoor, he forgot about the babyfood that covered his head and tried it, but it only opened from the other side, useless. 


                                    Chapter 4

                                                                                        The big escape…plan

By the amount of aliens that looked like scientists wearing labcoats on the glass above him, it wouldn’t work to  throw a clump of clay or punch the glass with his fist to get out, because that was less weight than all the aliens; the ceiling was very low. But over the night he had thought up a plan. His eyes still ached from the tiny bits of glass that fell in them the night before, but those chips had turned into a plan.


Yesterday the people-things had got very excited that Frank was alive, and had jumped up and down on the glass. The glass obviously hadn’t been made for that much weight to be jumping all over it, and little chips of glass had fallen out. If Frank did something really strange, like breakdancing while acting like a chicken. Then the scientists would hopefully call to other scientist-aliens to come and see, and then about thirty alien-people would be jumping about on the glass above, trying to work out what Frank was doing. Frank would quickly pull the sheets, the pillow and the mattress off his hard bed and hide under them, to avoid being cut by the millions shards of glass that would fall, not to mention aliens. After that in all the dilemma and confusion he would grab a fallen-off labcoat and put it on, then scramble up the ruff wall and slide though the door upstairs. The rest he would make up on the way.


                                   Chapter 5

                                                                                           The big escape

Frank started at nighttime so there were less aliens. Just to be safe Frank tugged the mattress, pillow and sheets off the bed before he did anything strange. But, apparently this was enough. The alien-people-scientist-creatures jumped up and down calling to others. Frank couldn’t hear them because of the sound-proof glass. Stupid glass, Frank thought, I would love to hear what they’re saying, why- Frank snapped out of it. The other aliens would be there soon and he had to be undercover before the glass cut him to pieces. He scrambled under the bedding.


About a minute later, SMASH! Shards of glass fell everywhere, the little bits tinkling on the floor. Frank leapt up, glad for his shoes. Unfortunately no lab coats had fallen off, so he reluctantly slid a coat off a knocked out alien. He looked up, where the glass had fallen there was no longer any floor, the ceiling was two storeys high now. he scrambled up the rough wall underneath the second storey door. Once he was level with the door he turned the knob and pulled. Oops, he pulled too hard. And it was a push door.  The weak hinges gave way and the whole door came tumbling down. Luckily it fell on an alien and didin’t make more noise to attract more trouble, though it did kill the victim.


                                   Chapter 6

                                                                                      Out and caught again

Frank slide down the dull hallway of the building. Bright blue slime oozed down the walls, light coming off it, instead of the lights in the roof the he was used to. At the end of the hallway there were stairs, he picked his way down them, occasionally slipping on the blue stuff that had made it to the ground.


He made it to the bottom of the staircase, turned and started down a new hallway, with rounded walls, and it seemed to get tighter he further you walked. In the distance light streamed through a double glass door. He started running to his destination, his heart beating hard. Just as he was about to be out, to be free, a “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” broke out as an alien guard burst through an unseen door and grabbed Frank by the scruff of the neck. The alien hauled Frank into the room it had come through.


Frank stared around in disbelief at his surroundings. Apparently this was this alien’s room, kind of like a dormitory. In one corner it had a bed, with bright blue covers, and he didn’t know that all the other furniture existed. But, the most odd thing was that every bit of furniture was bright blue, even where, in our homes there would be wood, the same bright blue plastic was there. Even the pillow was hard plastic. The only things that weren’t bright blue were the walls and floor of the room which were the same dull grey as in the hallway.


The alien shoved some kind of translator on it’s head and another on his. “What are you doing here, Germ?” The alien questioned. Frank gathered up all his courage and tried to start a normal earth conversation. 

“Um… My name’s not Germ, I’m Frank, and I don’t even know how I got here… Could you possibly help me to go back… Up?”                                                         

“Well, Germ, science tells us there is not a single bit of civilization in the Above, I cannot not believe you.” The alien replied acidly.                                           

“Please! There is an Above! Send me up!” Frank begged.                                    

“Silly Germ, you die if you go to the Above!”                                                         

“Then send me there, I won’t die! And, if you think I will, you are just killing me!”                                                                                                                                      

“Fine. Come with me.”


                                   Chapter 7


Frank waited patiently as the alien, Bi-Gurtoin, apparently, handcuffed him.  “In the Above… I’m sure your non-existent friends will help you”

“Thank you so much!” Frank squealed with delight.

“It’s not a ‘Thank you’ you are littually asking to be killed!”

Bi finished cuffing Frank and they walked on in silence. Bi pushed the door that Frank had tried so hard to get to open, and Frank gazed around in amazement. “C’mon, keep walking!” Bi comanded. Frank started up again, still staring.


Everywhere aliens bustled about the streets. It was like a market; on either side of the street bright blue stands sold all sorts of things, blue lollies, blue sausages, blue necklaces with bright blue plastic thread and bright blue plastic beads, everything bright blue plastic, always exactly the same shade! And of course the ground and walls outside and inside were grey. “Ever heard of the word ‘colour’?” Frank wondered aloud.

Bi tensed, apparently this was a sensitive subject. “Yes. Colour kills us with its beauty.”

“How? I mean, how can you be killed by beauty?”

“Natural. We see any colour but blue or grey, we fall down. Dead.”

They continued on, once again they were silent. After about an hour Bi spoke up. “Here we are, Germ.”

They had come to a side of the cavern that held the city. The earth had been covered by grey paint, to stop the deaths of the aliens who lived near. But the thing that caught Franks attention was the small blue twisting hole in the cavern wall. Looking though it Frank thought it looked like a twisting tube of blue, the blue fading and darkening as it twirled around and around. The tube went straight ahead horizontally for about three metres, then it sharply turned and went up, seeming like it never ended.

“Well, are you going home? Or was this a big plan to escape, but I never let you have a chance?” Bi’s voice was tinged with anger.

“Um… In the Above there is nothing that seems so mythical actually… there.”

“There is here, so in you go! Er… and keep your hands by your side.”



In Frank leapt, hands by his side, looking all confident and cool, then let out all his girl-power and screamed like an expert. Going up had to be worse, unlike millions of hands pulling at his ankles, this is what he felt: He was strapped to a plank that hovered in the air, not moving a single bit, while strong wind blew upwards from underneath him. With force so strong that he was afraid his skin would tear of him and fly up in th wind. It hurt, and he fainted for the second time that trip.


When he awoke, he was being hauled out of a misterious molehill by a policeman and, thankfully, his dad. Franks mum pushed past the two men and hugged him tight.

“awww my boy! From unlikely reports from you teacher you just sunk into the ground, but I think that lady just threw you down this molehill! No more summer school for you! Ms Levesque did through you down here, didn’t she, ’cause I’m not stopping your summer school for nothing!”

Frank nodded in his best ‘I-am-really-tired-and-she-hurt-me-alot’ look. This was going to be the best holiday ever. No summer school equals lots of laziness. 
































The Hut in the Holidays

There had been a knock on the front door, I had glanced up from my game. I hoped it was Grace! I eased out of my chair, and went to the door. I opened it… It was Grace! This night at my house was gonna be fun, Grace was the first of my friends to come in the holidays.

First I had dragged her upstairs to share a surprise with her. I gave the surprise away though, by asking; I hope you haven’t seen The Smurfs. That had made her grin, because she hadn’t, and now she knew one of the things we were going to do that day. I also asked if she wanted to build a hut, she replied with a “yep!”

We had trotted downstairs, and started the slow process of hualing chairs up the stairs. I can’t remember how many we carried up, but I think it was most of the dining chairs. After we had set the chairs up in an oval rectangle shape, all facing outwards, we searched for blankets to use as the walls and roof.

Next as we had sabotaged my wardrobe for blankets, the result was us trying to squirm out of them when they fell on us. (The blankets were from the top shelf and I had caused the avalanche by absent mindedly pulling one from the bottom of the lot, because i could actually reach it). 

After that we had needed a roof. Easy. Anneke let us borrow her ginormous purple blanket a big as a double bed for the roof, it was perfect! We balanced it on the top of the chair backs, and then draped blankets around it. We then dragged a double mattress, a duvet, and heaps of pillows into the hut.

Well, when the hut was finished it was time to go to the movies at the new cinemas! Grace and I were a bit disappointed at the 3D though. We both couldn’t see any 3D except for one of the ads before the actual movie.

Finally, it had been home time. Grace and I doodled around, played The Sims 3, and climbed into the hut for bed. We talked… whispered… murmured, and then Grace dozed off. I didn’t fall asleep that much longer after her.     

Mansion… Fire!

Nelsie woke to the crackle of flames… What’s happening? She asked herself. The sound of a pillar falling somewhere in the mansion snapped her awake!

Smoke was seeping through the crack in the door, and Nelsie got out of bed. She was fourteen, and she was staying by herself at the mansion while her dad and mum were in Singapore.

What had the teachers told them in class? Nelsie racked her brain for the vital information. Nelsie heard a crack and the house swayed dangerously. At least she knew not to panic. That’s it! Nelsie had remembered!

She carefully made her way to the door and felt it. It wasn’t to hot yet…. Bang! Something had fallen. Nelsie tried to open the door, but it was locked. She always locked her bedroom door before bed when her parents were away for safety.

The mansion was swaying  lots now. Nelsie stumbled to the corner where she kept her key. she picked it up and waddled to the door. Nelsie tried to put the key in the lock. Uh-oh! The door was hot now and the lock inside it had melted and deformed.

With a sudden BANG the door burst into flames, and Nelsie leapt back. She could feel her lungs swelling up, she needed to think. Fast!

Why is the house so new we havn’t installed fire alarms, and why do we live alone in the country where nobody can see us? Were Nelsie’s first thoughts. She tried yelling, even though she new it was hopeless. But there was too much smoke and all that came out was a strangled hoarse whisper.

Nelsie got down to the ground, fire was starting to engoulgh her room now. There was a huge crack and a bang as another pillar fell, and the mansion swayed more furiously. Nelsie chocked out a tiny “help”, and then she blacked out.

WEEEE-OOOOO, WEEEE-OOOOO. Nelsie heard a distant siren. Her throat was dry, and the room she was in was very plain… She recognized this place! She was in a hospital! The white bedclothes were wrapped snug around her, and she had a mask over her mouth to keep her breathing and alive. I’m so lucky! She thought.

A man with a white coat came into the room. He had sharp and scary looking tools in his hands… Wait! his hands were green! Nooooo, Nelsie thought, it must be because I’m still not one hundred percent. She pushed the thought away.

The man bent over to have a look at her. He had huge black eyes and green and blue warts all over his face. He looked her in the eyes and said, as he raised one of the sharp objects, “Say ahhhhhh”.

Nelsie felt herself blacking out again. She mumbled “maybe I’m not so lucky” as she left the science lab and entered a black abiss.